Check LIC Policy Status By SMS - Easy Steps to Check

How to Check LIC Policy Status through SMS, Know your policy details through SMS to 'ASKLIC' , Policy Number LIC policy details simply by sending an SMS to 56767877 Check LIC of India policy status using SMS, or Customer care service LIC official website at
How to check LIC policy status through SMS: You are here to know about LIC policy status but when you are going to do something new, and then many questions arise in your mind. Before entering in LIC policy, you should take some introduction about it. LIC is the largest and widely known policy in India. It was brought about 1818 by Bipin Behari Dasgupta. It’s headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. From 1818 LIC has fully developed upwards and confined by its bonds to accomplish its current status as the market leader in its industry.

Check LIC Policy Status through SMS

As you know today everyone has their own personal mobile phones and they got all information about their credit cards, accounts, debit card, email etc on it. If you are LIC policy holder and you want to know all your LIC policy status with ease then you will be felicitous after knowing that you can now assure LIC policy status through your mobile phone by the way of SMS. There are many unlike ways to check LIC policy status like LIC policy status online, through phone calls, through SMS or by visiting nearest LIC branch office. But if you want to know about only LIC policy status by SMS because it is simplest process then you can know about it from here by reading all its steps and procedures.

Check LIC Policy Status through SMS

These all ways come in market to save your money and time which is wasted by you when you have to go to the LIC branch office to know all your questions about your LIC policy. So this is latest way of using SMS which is introduced by LIC for convenience of customers. But for check all these things online you should be read about it first.

Check individual Lic policy Inquiry through SMS:

You can acquire your LIC policy status and other data by the way of SMS, by sending SMS to 56767877. Through SMS you can know about Installment premium under policy, amount of bonus vested, details of nomination, amount present as loan or revival amount payable.

You just have to type “ASKLIC (POLICY NO) Desired code “in you mobile inbox and then in the place of desired code you can write PREMIUM/ REVIVAL/BONUS/ LOAN/NOM. We are going to explain it below to make you understand more about it.
  • To check your installment premium, you have to type: ASKLIC (POLICY NO) PREMIUM
  • To check your policy has lapsed means revival amount payable, you have to type: ASKLIC (POLICY NO) REVIVAL
  • To check your amount of bonus vested for policy, you have to type: ASKLIC (POLICY NO) BONUS

  • To check the amount of loan you can avail against your LIC policy, you have to type: ASKLIC (POLICY NO) LOAN
  • To check the nomination details, you have to type: ASKLIC (POLICY NO) NOM
Send to 9222492224 or 56767877

Check LIC policy status for Pension policy through SMS

For pension plans, for this code is slightly different but SMS number is same that is 56767877. In this you can check about IPP policy status (STAT), Existence certificate due (ECDUE), last annuity released date (ANNPD), annuity payment thru (CHO/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU), annuity amount (AMOUNT) and cheque return information (CHQRET). For check all these we are again going to furnish you code for which you have to type:

  • For IPP Policy status, type LIC pension ( POLICY NO ) STAT
  • For Existence Certified Due, type LIC pension ( POLICY NO ) ECDUE
  • For Check last Annuity Released date, type LIC pension ( POLICY NO ) ANNPD
  • For Annuity payment thru, type LIC pension ( POLICY NO ) PDTHRU
  • For Annuity Amount, type LIC pension ( POLICY NO ) AMOUNT
  • For cheque return information, type LIC pension ( POLICY NO ) CHQRET