How to Prepare for 12th Board Exam - Get Good Percentage for Final Exams

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The 12th board examination is last school life examination for a student. These are much stressful and require better preparation to convenience better grades in results. We come here by providing useful tips and tricks make skills sharp for examination preparation. After follow below mention suggestions it will definitely help you to get best score in 12th Board examination. All students need to make their individual study manual to start preparation accordingly.

You have well understanding about capability so don’t waste available time and try to spend in examination preparation. You must have better intelligence to focus your mind to start own preparation and don’t let down confidence in any condition. Students this class board examination is deciding career examination because on basis of marks score in this platform university allot admission. Let’s have discussion on our main motive is How to start preparation and tricks, formulas about make it well.

Confidence: Students have interest in study and start preparation to make better command on topics before appear in board examination. Among them some have lake of confidence and this problem will down moral. We suggest overcoming from this situation by solving previous papers and old board exam papers. As you solve them meet with performance level and obtained scores is better way to define performance level and increase confidence.

Time Management: In your preparation time is another important thing. This should be managed in way to give equal duration to all subjects. Before start preparation must create time table for subject wise study and in this time structure must give place for revision.

Study Formula: Students must set well study hours and right place from where they can start preparation. You have better understanding about subjects in which seems busy so allocate in their account more time for practice. It will be helpful to make good command at time of examinations.

Write Short Notes: You are requiring being careful at time of studying because after catch complete topic have idea about make their notes. These short notes will helpful at examination time to console complete topic by take look on them.

Avoid New Topics: Students can escape some topics are appearing during revision and you never look them at preparation time. This will make your confidence level down.

Take Break: To refresh mind must take break after a hour of study. It is important to give relief to mind will be helpful to keep in mind for long time that topics have learned. After complete study period you needed to take rest for some hours will keep fresh for next day study.

Use Time Before Exams: On the day of examination you can wake up early in morning and give look back on important topics. Students can also keep marked questions in mind. Stay relaxed and stress free attempt all questions in examination hall.

Follow Syllabus: Students make sure all subjects first and have gest books of them. In starting face problem but after spend some days in same schedule will became habitual to follow this scheme.

Give More Time in Weak Topics: Students must have to give most of time in weak point’s preparation. Put same topics in front of teachers and catch from them easiest way to predict them in mind for examination. You just need to understand logic of that topic make easy to remain for a long time.

Preparation Tips for Science Students
  • Physics: Students must have careful reading the fundamental and concepts of various topics. You need to have better understanding about direct formula and theorem based questions will be in you after solving their questions several times. Must have look and solve last year question papers.
  • Chemistry: There are fact based questions will appear in exams from organic and inorganic sections so keep them solve as you can will be helpful to attempt them in examination with good speed. Have carefully looks on reactions and must have ability to give their suitable example.
  • Biology: You must have practice on lots of diagrams along with their description. This subject has difficult terminology so must practice about spellings.
  • Mathematics: This is fundamental and concepts based subject so first have better understanding about both sections. Use some short key in solving question papers will make sure increase speed of attempting questions.
Preparation Tips for Commerce Students
  • Economics: This subject is prepare with combined education of theory, calculations and diagrams, so give importance all these section equally at practice time. Keep practicing of diagrams and calculations helpful to increase speed.
  • Accountancy: Before appear in exam must have clear basic concepts about fundamentals and calculations. Follow the explanation and narrations in solving calculations properly.
Preparation Tips for Arts Students
  • History: There is only single way we like to suggest is Daily revision and as much you can before examination because this subject is for memorize names, dates and periods of various historical events.
  • Political Science: You need to read regularly newspapers and watching news channel to stay updated from current political developments at national and international level.