How to Withdraw PF Amount Easily - from EPF Office

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Withdraw PF Amount from EPF Office - Every person PF - provident fund which is made up by employer and employee together during their work. All company generally 12% deposited to PF accounts and the same amount will deposited by the employer. But people want to withdraw their pf amount from epf office. But don't know how to withdraw pf amount. So, here is all the step by step details guide to withdraw amount.

Step by Step Withdraw PF Amount
There are only two option to withdraw your epf payment. one option is when you switched your job or you leave the job than you will get your pf amount. Follow simple step to withdraw pf amount.

Online EPF Withdrawal Procedure

Step:1 Withdraw PF Amount Using UAN ( Universal Account Number)

If you have your UAN account number then you don't need to fill up your previous employer to process the withdrawal account. You can apply for the PF withdraw through form 19. If you don't have UAN number than you can directly contact your company and get it your provident fund.

Step:2 Withdraw PF from Regional Office

When you can't get it online than you can withdraw pf from regional office in your area also. To withdraw Provident fund than follow simple steps and you're done.
  • First download online or get the pf withdrawal form - 19 from the regional office or else can download from official site also.
  • Than fill up all the details which is mention in the form.
  • You have to attested by the any gazetted officer to apply pf amount withdrawal.
  • You must have to attach the proof of employment letter.
Note: Whenever you apply for the pf than you will get pf amount with the interest within three months from the date of submission of the application form.

So, above is all step by step guide to withdraw pf amount. stay tune for all latest news and update about the pf amount from epf office.